Security & Risk Assessments

Are your personnel safe?

Are your facilities secure?

Are your Security procedures current and effective?

Do you have up-to-date Emergency Response Protocols?

Are your procedures properly documented?


Our security and risk assessment will evaluate your equipment and protocols, verify effectiveness and if required, provide recommendations that may significantly improve your site security.

In today’s litigation based society, it is critical that managers are able to recognize the potential for workplace violence and proactively evaluate business and personal security risk considerations. You also need to be empowered to respond quickly and effectively thus avoiding, reducing and/or mitigating the risk. Risk and/or litigation reduction may be achieved through effective policies, proven procedures and well trained personnel.  Awareness may effectively contribute to establishing and maintaining safe workplaces and secure personal environments; it may be a significant force multiplier in protecting you, your staff and clients.

Response (Action), to a critical incident, must be the result of training, practice and the empowerment to act. Reaction time(s) and response(s) must be swift! Planning and identifying vulnerabilities may minimize your exposure to crisis situations and provide you with security & risk management tools.

Our service offering includes:

  • Security & risk related training for personnel
  • Security & risk related presentations for existing and/or potential clients
  • Security & risk assessment(s)
  • Background check(s) and investigations
  • Security & risk policy/procedure update(s) and recommendation(s)
  • Covert surveillance
  • Discreet investigation(s) (NOTE: Contract government investigator)
  • High risk employment termination services

Description of Security & Risk Management Service(s) Evaluation
We will generate a security and risk assessment (Multiple three ring binders and photos) documenting your current security related efforts, recommend equipment (installation and/or upgrades), training and protocols. Each security & risk evaluation is customized and may include but is not limited to:

  • Security & risk related data (Protecting Personal Identifiable Infomation)
  • Security & risk assessment purpose
  • Three (3) layers of security & risk information
  • Employee vulnerability safety survey
  • Workplace Violence safety, security & risk reduction efforts
  • Avoiding/De-escalating confrontation(s) protocol(s)
  • Access to and destruction of confidential documents (Personal Identifiable Infomation)
  • HR security & risk considerations (High risk employment termination, background checks, securing Personal Identifiable Infomation)
  • Emergency Response Protocol(s) for personnel (ERP) to include “active shooter” survivial
  • Sub-contractor services background checks
  • IT security & risk assessment, Firewalls, WEB site review, SCADA circuits
  • Site specific (security related) observations
  • Perimeter security observations
  • Parking lot security (To include “panic alarms” and escort options)
  • “Panic” alarms (To include parking lot(s) or “commons areas”)
  • Exterior/Interior lighting, Cover/Concealment security & risk assessment
  • Roof access/HVAC security & risk assessment
  • Reception/Business areas (5X5 Rule) security & risk assessment
  • Rest rooms (Signage, lighting and “sharps containers”) security & risk assessment
  • Signage  (Advisory and/or deterrent)
  • Graffiti/Tagging (Organized Crime – Gang indicators)
  • Initial and/or existing electronic security recommendations, to include video monitoring/recording
  • Key/Proximity card policies and security protocol
  • Fuel/Flammable(s)/Chemical storage security & risk assessment
  • Preventing accidental/intentional contamination incidents
  • Catastrophic incidents/events risk evaluation & protocols
  • Bomb threat security & risk assessment protocols, IED’s and “Blast” evacuation charts, protective window treatments
  • Satellite images and building configuration documents
  • Incorporate mandated assessment templates required by government or other agencies

Contact us for a no-obligation review of services that may ensure the safety/security of your organization and document your due diligence safety & security efforts to minimize risk & legal exposure.