Providing security, risk management, training & investigation services for select clients in the United States and abroad.

PROtective Services, Inc. is a Minnesota based corporation that provides a wide array of services for select clients in the United States and abroad. Stefan Salmonson, president of the corporation, is a (MN) licensed peace officer, (Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota) licensed private detective, contract government investigator (Special agent - Security clearance), a weapons/tactical specialist, professional speaker and airline transport pilot.

Team members have extensive experience in the areas of corporate security, training & presentations, high-risk employment termination support services, investigations, gangs/organized crime, discreet investigations, asset protection, security assessments, fraud investigations, risk management, surveillance, Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM), covert cameras, and security consulting. Membership, in an elite international intelligence organization, allows PROS to provide your organization with a seamless global security effort.

PROtective Services client list includes hundreds of national & international corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, political organizations, foreign royalty, energy companies, aviation, trucking, construction, insurance associations, schools, student transportation, public utilities, real estate services, hospitals, universities and the hospitality industry.

We do not share our client lists. Should you require a reference, we will be happy to provide one that is applicable to your training request, topic, or industry.

The team at PROtective Services, Inc. will work with your organization to exceed your expectations in excellence!
Stefan V. Salmonson, PPS, President