Private Investigations

Do you need discreet private investigation services?

PROtective Services has over 30 years of investigative experience in criminal activity including:

  • Homicide
  • Narcotics
  • Sexual Assaults
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Case Preparation
  • Insurance & Corporate Fraud Investigations
  • Theft Investigations
  • Civil Paper (Process) Service
  • Surveillance & Security Investigation
  • Contract Government Investigator

Private investigator services are provided by licensed, bonded and insured agents who will be promptly scheduled to investigate your case. We provide you with licensed professional private investigators having a minimum twenty (20) years of experience in surveillance, legal case preparation, and documentation of suspicious and/or criminal activity.

PROtective Services, Inc. our private investigators are committed to exceptional, in-depth, and very discreet private investigations. We will provide you with our credentials, a detailed investigation plan, follow-up and documentation as well as the commitment by our investigators to keeping your investigation completely private.

Our president has over 30 years of experience in the areas of covert surveillance, private investigations, armed protection, workplace violence, property & equipment theft surveillance, secure construction building sites, photographic surveillance documentation, undercover investigation & surveillance operations, security & risk management as well as presentations, training and consulting.

PROtective Services’ client list includes hundreds of national & international corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, political organizations, energy companies, broadcasting, aviation, trucking, construction, insurance associations, schools, student transportation, public utilities, real estate services, hospitals, universities and the hospitality industry.

  • Corporate Investigations:
    May include but are not limited to:
    Property & Equipment Theft Investigations
    Theft of Intellectual Property
    Theft of Trade Secrets
    Non-compete Violation Investigations
    High-risk Termination Investigations & Security
    Insurance Fraud Investigations
    Extortion Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud:
    Surveillance of Claimant Suspected of Insurance Fraud
    Investigation of Suspect Activities in Workers Compensation Cases
    Surveillance of Property in Suspected Insurance Fraud
  • Surveillance:
    Covert Surveillance by Professional Agents/Private Investigators
    Professional Agent/Private Investigator Surveillance of Property or Equipment Theft Suspects
    Fact Gathering by Professional Agents/Private Investigators
    Professional Private Investigator Documentation of Evidence
    Legal Case Preparation by Highly Experienced Private Investigators
  • Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM) by Professional Agents/Private Investigators:
    Locate Electronic Audio Listening & Eavesdropping Devices
    Electronic Listen Device Sweep of your Business, Home & Vehicles
  • Services by Professional Agents:
    High-Risk Employment Terminatio
  • Camera & Video Surveillance by Professional Private Investigators:
    High Resolution Digital Video Recorder Surveillance
    High Resolution Camera Surveillance
    Covert and Visible Camera Surveillance
    Networkable Digital Property Surveillance Systems
  • GPS Tracking

Minnesota Association
Private Investigators & Protective Agents (MAPI)


American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)


Nine Lives Associates (NLA)



Intellenet International Intelligence Network


We will provide you with exceptional, state-of-the-art and very discreet licensed private investigator services.