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PROtective Services, Inc. provides security, risk management, training & investigation services for select clients in the United States and abroad. The team at PROtective Services, Inc. will work with your organization to exceed your expectations in excellence!

Security is provided by armed, licensed, bonded and insured agents who will be promptly dispatched to secure/protect your site(s). These are NOT security guards/officers, rather licensed, professional security agent/consultants with over twenty (20) years of armed experience.

We are available at anytime to provide service(s) or answer your questions.

320 679-4848

Minnesota Association
Private Investigators & Protective Agents (MAPI)

American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)

Nine Lives Associates (NLA)

Intellenet International Intelligence Network

We will provide you with exceptional, state-of-the-art and very discreet licensed private investigator services.